About Us

ABC at a glance

Literally ABC means “the basic or elementary facts, principals, etc. of a subject or an object”. However, our ABC in not only “the basic facts, principles, etc. of our initiatives” but also “Advanced Business Consultancy”.

ABC Learning N Consultancy LTD is a company engaged in providing professional consultancy services in corporate sector, Training for professionals, top management and executives, Operating professional Job Portal, providing softwares & IT Solutions for companies and rendering legal services. ABC’s Consultancy comprises 3 steps of Assesment Betterment & Care.

The Managing Agent of ABC is SA Rashid & Associates: a Chartered Secretary Firm.

The vision of the company is to enhance the life skill of individuals and provide professional knowledge & skill to increase productivity of the corporate sector. The company is registered in Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) as per the Companies Act 1994. ABC Learning N Consultancy LTD is a company limited by shares.

Date of Establishment : 01 December 2012
[ Launched as ABC Learning N Consultancy LTD ]
10 August 2016
[ Registered as a Private Limited Company ]

Legal Status : Private Limited Company

Incorporated in Bangladesh
Under the Companies Act 1994 (Act No. XVIII of 1994)
Vide Registration No. C-132358 dated 10 Aug 2016