Audit & Taxation Services

Under this category ABC Learning N Consultancy LTD provides / may provide the following services: Tax Planning and Management


    • Advising on tax planning and tax management, availing tax concessions, incentives, reliefs and tax benefits.
    • Filing of appeals, claiming refunds, getting the transactions registered
    • Furnishing of records/ documents/explanations called for and in matters of disputes relating to valuation of shares, debentures, stocks, assets, etc
    • Acting as authorized representative before the Income Tax authorities during assessment proceedings,
    • Computation of deduction of tax at source, filing of forms and issue of TDS certificates
    • Computation and payment of advance tax
    • Computation of tax payable, filing of returns of income of the company and its directors and obtaining permanent account numbers


    • Acting as authorized representative before Excise Authorities
    • Valuation and classification of goods
    • Assessment of duty and obtaining refunds
    • Complying with formalities for removal of excisable goods for home consumption and exports
    • Advising on search, seizure etc
    • Documentation


    • Acting as authorized representative before Customs Authorities and the Appellate Tribunal
    • Assisting in clearance of import/export classification of goods
    • Valuation of goods and assessment of customs duty and obtaining refunds
    • Availing duty exemptions and drawback benefits
    • Documentation

    Auditing, Advisory and Other Professional Services:

    • Advising on risk management of properties, profits, resources, know-how and operations
    • Procurement and management of materials and inventories
    • Assessment, procurement and management of financial requirements and resources including project finance, working capital finance, Forex management, loan syndication, portfolio management
    • Planning, supervision and carrying out of internal audit, systems audit, labor audit, management audit, operational audit, quality audit, social audit, environment audit and energy audit
    • Acting as Recovery-consultant in banking and financial sector
    • Acting as Insurance Advisor and other related activities
    • Acting as advisor to investors, depositors, mutual fund unit holders and stakeholders
    • Acting as advisor in relation to intermediary in securities and commodities markets
    • Acting as Valuer, Surveyor and Loss Assessor
    • Acting as Investigator, Private Liquidator, Insolvency Practitioner; Operating Agency
    • Performing due diligence and legal services
    • Providing services relating to Corporate Governance
    • Providing the services of business process outsourcing, knowledge outsourcing and legal outsourcing
    • Acting as registered valuer of shares, stocks, debentures, shares in partnership firm and of business assets including goodwill.

    Audit & Accounting Services:

    • Inventory Management,
    • Management Accounting,
    • Internal Audit,
    • Financing Arrangements,
    • Book-Keeping, Accounting,
    • Compliance & Corporate laws advisory
    • Monitoring and Evaluation