Most investors realize that it’s important for a company to have a good management team.
A strong management is the backbone of any successful company. This is not to say that employees are not also important, but it is management that ultimately makes the strategic decisions.

The Chairman of the company is Non-Executive Director who Provides leadership and governance of the Board so as to create the conditions for overall Board’s and individual Director’s effectiveness, and ensures that all key and appropriate issues are discussed by the Board in a timely manner.

The Chief Operating Officer is the Ex-officio Board Member who leads the management in the day-to-day running of the company’s business in accordance with the business plans and within the budgets approved by the Board. Leads the management to ensure effective working relationships with the Chairman and the Board by meeting or communicating with the Chairman on a regular basis to review key developments, issues, opportunities and concerns.

A company Secretary is responsible to manage the Board matters and office of the Chairman.

Officers and Staffs

K M Mainul Hasan

A K M Shafiqul Alam

G M Macksudul Arefeen

Advocate Moquaddash Ahmad

Md. Amirul Islam

Md.  Moniruzzaman Khan

Md. Rakibul Hasan

Sayer Hossain Mir

Marufur Rahman

Md. Helal Uddin

Md. Sazzad Hossain

Md. Shohail Raj